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To: Nashville Mayor and City Council

As homeowners and concerned citizens in Nashville we fear that further increases to our property tax amounts, sales taxes and other punitive fees will hinder our home values and drive those who have a choice to adjoining counties where a better value for the taxes paid may often be found. From conversations we have with our neighbors we know this is already happening and increased taxes at this time will only advance this process. ...

Nashville has suffered largely unchecked development in the past 5 years at great cost to the aesthetics and lifestyle of Nashvillians. This imposes on the values of our homes and overtaxes the resources of our community. The Nashville homeowner has shouldered this burden in the form of lower rate of appreciation in our home values as compared to surrounding communities; in the hard dollars taken from us in the last round of tax increases; and in the frustration of seeing all of the once-beautiful hilltops clear cut for development.

For this reason in order to SAVE NASHVILLE we advise the council and mayor that we do not wish to have an increase in taxes. The mil rate should stay at the lower revenue-neutral adjusted rate post-reassessment and the one half cent sales tax increase proposal should be scrapped. What we ask, in short, is to do more with what you have. If the council wishes to raise more revenue it should consider the imposition of homeowner friendly impact fees on new development that index the higher demands and costs of new homes and families back to their source.

Thank you.

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